A large number of brands from a wide variety of industries come together under the umbrella of the German Franchise Association. A distinction is made between full members and associate members. Full members of the German Franchise Association must have been active as franchisors for at least two years and have at least two franchisees contractually bound. They must also successfully complete the association’s own system check at least every three years. The system check offered by the German Franchise Association is a decisive unique selling point in the field of self-regulation of professional franchising. Associate membership is a trial membership and thus a preliminary stage to full membership. It is aimed first and foremost at young and small franchise systems in the start-up phase, which at least operate a pilot company and have a draft franchise agreement. Do you want to conquer the German market with your franchise concept and want to know which brands are already active under the umbrella of the German Franchise Association? Take a look at our detailed overview in German.