The German Franchise Association

The Deutscher Franchiseverband is the umbrella organisation for Germany’s franchise industry. It was founded in 1978 and is based in Berlin. This quality community represents both franchisers and franchisees. The Deutscher Franchiseverband provides its more than 400 members with numerous services and benefits. The association’s core concern is economic, social and political representation of the franchise industry’s interests, which includes supporting its members’ expansion plans.
In 2020 some 930 franchise systems in Germany, together with approximately 138,748 franchise partners and 749,198 employees earned turnover of around 135 billion euros.


The organisation of associations consists of five board members and a president. They all have one thing in common: They are managing directors or representatives of successfully operating franchise systems. The board of directors and president are elected at the annual general meeting for three years and represent the association in and beyond legal matters. The board currently consists of the following members:

Kai Enders

Engel & Völkers

Emma Lehner

Vice President

Alexander Mehnert

KERN - Unternehmensnachfolge.

Maria L. Linz-Bender

global office
Member of the Board

Thomas Kiderlen

Member of the Board

Ute Petrenko

MBE Deutschland
Member of the Board

Benefits of membership in the community of quality

  • Constant support and consultation
  • Prominent presentation of the system in the German Franchise Association’s attractive system finder
  • Improved financing options through cooperation with credit institutions such as guarantee banks
  • Practical support in acquiring qualified franchisees
  • Communication of thorough industry information and specialized knowledge via various information channels
  • Networking and regular opportunities to exchange experiences, such as the annual Franchise Forum, expert panels and association committees, round tables and much more
  • Support with import/export, promotion of training and continued education with a large selection of practical training sessions and seminars / most of them through the German Franchise Institute connected with the Franchise Association
  • Use of the legal database of the German Franchise Association, a comprehensive collection of rulings and decisions relevant to franchises
  • Mediation or ombudsman procedures: Extra-judicial conciliation procedures for franchisors and franchisees
  • Qualified consultation for franchisors, start-up founders and prospective franchisees by associated experts of the association
  • Distinctions for outstanding service in franchising through the association’s own franchise awards


The German Franchise Association e.V. is the umbrella organization for the German franchise economy. For nearly 40 years, this community of quality has represented both franchisors and franchisees. One of the main tasks of the association is to represent the interests of the franchise economy on an economic, political and social level. For this purpose, close contact is maintained with economic and political multipliers, such as the relevant Federal Ministries – in particularly the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) – as well as with the German Bundestag, the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the Federal Labour Office and other institutions and associations with whom the German Franchise Association is connected in a large community network. On an international level, the German Franchise Association benefits from intensive shared experience with the European Franchise Federation (EFF) and the World Franchise Council (WFC), which influence the guidelines and regulations of the EU Commission in Brussels. Another important objective of the Franchise Association is to promote awareness and the image of franchising in Germany in a sustainable and positive way, as well as securing financing opportunities for franchisees and franchisors. One key foundation for the association’s work is the code of ethics of the German Franchise Association. This was created on the basis of the Code of Conduct for the European Franchise Federation (EFF) as coordinated with the EU Commission, and provides a definitive interpretation of the concept of a professional franchise. This code also outlines the rights and obligations of franchisors and franchisees, and facilitates the uniform public appearance that characterizes serious franchising. Franchisors who want to become members of the association are subject to strict admission criteria and must prove that they act and behave according to the code of ethics. One decisive factor in becoming a full member of the association is the system check. Franchise companies trying to achieve full membership must successfully pass the system check of the German Franchise Association. With this system check, the association is offering a unique selling point in the field of self-regulation for professional franchises. The quality seal carries significant influence with relevant multipliers, financial institutions and franchisors. The International Centre for Franchising and Cooperation (F&C) in Münster is responsible for economic control and independent monitoring. Continual reviews at 3-year intervals ensure the sustainable quality of the seal.

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