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The German Franchise Association has been representing the interests of the franchise industry in the economic and political environment, both nationally and internationally, since 1978. As a quality community, the Franchise Association advocates for both franchisors and franchisees, offering a wide range of additional services and benefits.

Currently, there are over 400 members organized within the association. In addition to franchise systems in full or associate membership, the association also includes experts such as consultants and lawyers.

In 2023, the approximately 910 active franchise systems in Germany, along with their approximately 147,030 franchisees and over 830,000 employees, generated a total revenue of €147 billion.

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German Market Overview

Quality through partnership

Franchising is a fair and transparent business model. It is characterized by partnership established on equal footing and respectful behaviour between franchisors and franchisees. They work together with shared responsibilities, helping to reinforce the competitiveness of the company.

Expanding sustainable, successful entrepreneurship

Only a successful and well-tested business model can be reproduced sustainably. Rapid, comprehensive growth is the particular strength of professionally-run franchise systems, since franchisors and franchisees work together systematically over time to perfect their business model. When building up a franchise system, it is crucial to guarantee brand protection and constant continued development of the service package for franchisees from the very start.

Clear rules for strong relationships

Clearly defined principles are the foundation of sustainable success for franchisors and franchisees. Both sides benefit simultaneously from their willingness to enter into a binding, honest partnership for the long term. In this regard, the franchisor prescribes the business conditions and the franchisee acts as a multiplier. Through open, transparent and interactive collaboration, both sides continually work to further develop the system and the brand image.

Our mission: creating collaborative entrepreneurship

With these values as a foundation, the central mission of the German franchise economy becomes clear: We generate successful entrepreneurship through sustainable multiplication. 

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German Franchise Industry 2023

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